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Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

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Danelec’s new generation VDR was the first on the market to meet the latest performance standards and technical requirements, as defined in MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2, taking effect on July 1, 2014. Designed...
1300712 C4
The DM200 S-VDR has a number of inputs e.g. the primary navigation sensors, radar display signals, two VHF radios as well as a number (up to six) dedicated microphones placed on the bridge work station. A separate...
Novega PT9 C-Proof beacon
The Novega PT9 C-PROOF beacon is a seawater-proof underwater locating device, which has been specifically developed for the installation on data storage capsules/final recording Medias (FRM) of Voyage Data Recorder...
It is possible to store additional 15-30 days of VDR data on the removable VDR data disc located in a DM300/DM500 DAU. This will not affect the capability of the system to store 3 incidents.
This Danelec Marine Video 02-002 capture card is done using external remote interfaces. Two remote video interfaces may be connected to the DPU, each having interfaces for two video sources.
The SIU is optional equipment. An SIU is needed if, for example, door status cannot be provided using a serial or Ethernet interface on the VDR. A standard non-modular compact SIU has 8 serial interfaces, 8 analog...
The Backup disk drive has been designed in accordance with IMO regulations to be easily removable from the S-VDR/VDR in case of an emergency where the crew has to abandon the vessel. The Backup disk drive should never...
 FURUNO SVDR VDR Capsule unit , Data Recording unit Furuno VR3000 VDR Furuno VR3000 is a complete Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) system and fully complies with IMO performance specifications and carriage requirements*;...
The JCY-1900 is, like its predecessor, black box designed, uses our own designed and fabricated, reliable, marinized hardware, with an easy IP based format, purposely designed for our VDR. Newly designed for the...
Refurbished, new and reconditioned VDR products sourced for your maritime needs.
All equipment undergo rigorous testing by our engineers. 
All equipment are maintained, refurbished and fully tested to ensure the quality and reliability of the radar equipment.
We are confident in our products' robustness that we are the first in the world to offer 3 months' warranty on all our refurbished radar equipment.
We are certified for major brands such as Sperry MarineKelvin HughesJRCFuruno, and many more.