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Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

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Danelec’s new generation VDR was the first on the market to meet the latest performance standards and technical requirements, as defined in MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2, taking effect on July 1, 2014. Designed...
1300712 C4
The DM200 S-VDR has a number of inputs e.g. the primary navigation sensors, radar display signals, two VHF radios as well as a number (up to six) dedicated microphones placed on the bridge work station. A separate...
Novega PT9 C-Proof beacon
The Novega PT9 C-PROOF beacon is a seawater-proof underwater locating device, which has been specifically developed for the installation on data storage capsules/final recording Medias (FRM) of Voyage Data Recorder...
120/250V 50-60Hz (F7313)   10A 10ET1  AC main filter used on various kelvin hughes products. Part no : 45-676-361 . It can be found inside MDP-A5 Kelvin Hughes SVDR or MDP-A3 Kelvin Hughes VDR. This AC filter can...
This DFI G7B630 motherboard is the newer type of main board used on Kelvin Hughes VDR. The older board Aopen will soon be obsolete. This board were relatively reliable and it uses as a common core hardware on Kelvin...
Device H2049 is intended for connection of voyage data recorder or simplified voyage data recorder with the VHF stations types Sailor RT-2048 (Debeg 6348, Husun 2048), Sailor RT-4822 (Debeg 6322, Husun 4822, Sperry...
This board looks similar to Aopen i915GMm-HSF which installed on earlier Kelvin Hughes VDR / SVDR. Also installed on earlier common core hardware Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital Display MDD. This board should only be use...
This microphone VDR-A6 provide microphone recording of ship crew voices, pilot voices, surveyor voices and playback in case of incident or accident investigation. The VDR-A6 indoor mic can be use for VDR-A7  outdoor...
FSD-A178 System interface pcb function was to interface between MDP-A1-8 motherboard and external signals eg. Stepper or synchro gyro, 200ppm pulse log, 8 x serial nmea signals. This board was power up by normal PC...
It is possible to store additional 15-30 days of VDR data on the removable VDR data disc located in a DM300/DM500 DAU. This will not affect the capability of the system to store 3 incidents.
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