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KH 12kW radar
The 12kW X-Band Upmast Magnetron Radar features improved target resolution and beam sharpening. The commercial marine X-Band series is designed to provide cost effective type approved radar in a lightweight package...
This azimuth pcb can be found in Kelvin Hughes Mk4 X-band 25KW upmast radar and 25Kw downmast radar with Mk5 gearbox. There is a LK1 on the board , Link 1 may be set to either the 90 or the 180 position giving 180 or...
This azimuth PCB found on Mk6 S-band upmast Kelvin Hughes radar. Heading Line and Azimuth data is produced by interrupting two opto coupler devices with a slotted disk mounted on the antenna final drive shaft. 
The optional Tx MonitorPCBis mounted on the Modulator Assembly heatsink. The monitor comprises a partially energised neon mounted on an arm attached to the turning mechanism. As the transmitting antenna rotates past...
Kelvin Hughes system pcb NNR-A911 can be found on Nucleus 3 system and Manta display. This board was the earliest where AIS can be connected. It allows up to 4 serial signals input up to 38400 baud rate. This board...
RAN-A23 was used as buffer for Kelvin Hughes radar video and trigger(Sync) cables that need to run for 50m and above to boost up the video and trigger signals due to loss in the signal for long cable length. This...
This Kelvin Hughes data interface unit DIU normally use on full VDR only. As it connects analog, gyro and log pulse signals from ships water tight door on/off, cargo hold on/off, fire alarm on/off, BNWAS on/off or...
Kelvin Hughes normally installed this module RSAM(remote Status Alarm o request for annual performance checkModule) at bridge common area whereby ship crew can access easily and acknowledge alarm when any of the...
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