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Furuno SVDR VDR ,Data Recording unit

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 FURUNO SVDR VDR Capsule unit , Data Recording unit Furuno VR3000 VDR Furuno VR3000 is a complete Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) system and fully complies with IMO performance specifications and carriage requirements*; intended for all passenger and new build cargo ships of 3,000+gt. The purpose of the VDR is to assist investigators in identifying causes of maritime casualty, and to use the data for future incident prevention. The VR3000 stores recorded data in a Protective Storage Module (DRU), and a secondary backup Hard Disk Drive for easy post incident retrieval. A save button on the Remote Alarm Panel can be initiated by crew to immediately preserve up to 4 incidents for review, while the system continues to record normally. GYROCOMPASS , ECHOSOUNDER , RADER , ECDS, FELCOM 15,FELCOM 16, FELCOM 18 ETC HAVE OUR STOCK .
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