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Steering Control & Autopilot

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Yokogawa’s PT500 Autopilot Series conforms to the technical requirements for the performance standard determined by IMO resolution A342 and meet type approval issued by Class NK (Approval No. KF96EQ-001). These...
FRC32 was used in EMRI rudder feedback unit when a rudder moves from hard port to hard stbd , +/-15Vdc send to a 2K precision potential-meter, sending wiper signal as feedback signal to the rudder control unit.
This high precision 2K potential-meter normally installed in EMRI Rudder feedback unit. Sometime it can also found on Helmsmen control order potential-meter. 
KSA11 PCB can be found in RCU10-440 or RCU20-440 rudder control unit. The Servo Control Unit for Kawasaki steering gear With interlock between up to 4 pumps can be apply to vessel.
AMC11 was installed inside SEM200 autopilot system. The main AUTOPILOT ELECTRONIC UNIT AEU511 were fitted with AMC11. AEU511 accept Gyro 1 / 2 signals and speed log signal. When a set course is provided, system will...
SPC11 is the brain of RCY10 rudder control panel designed by EMRI denmark. System received very stable hi power +/-15Vdc from Hipower circuit. It use to drive Hydraulic lock circuit, stroke servo circuit, provide...
The model PR-9000 is the latest autopilot system from TOKYO KEIKI.The PR-9000 is designed using the latest technology from a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience of navigational instruments. Safety,...
Autopilot Tokimec PR-6000 was designed with three fundamental concepts in mind: expanding and strengthening helm functions, thorough safety considerations, and improved reliability and more intelligent maintenance...
Autopilot Tokimec PR-2000, widely regarded as a system with stable performance and easy operation for fishing boats, coastal vessels and merchant ships, has long enjoyed great popularity among all users, with more...
Yokogawa PT500 auto steering unit PID type upright type unit. it has the same functions as the horizontal type PID. When used in combination with the PB343 or the PB344 it permits full duplication of the automatic...
Navipilot 4000
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine’s NAVIPILOT 4000 is a highly reliable ship automation system that ensures fuel savings, operational safety and efficient steering. The innovative Autopilot is designed to learn your...
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