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Vision Master FT ECDIS
The VisionMaster FT radar/ECDIS from Sperry Marine provides intelligent functions for safe navigation, exceeding IMO requirements for additional safety at sea. Based on the VisionMaster FT software, this particular...
During removal and refitting of the mounting bracket, take care not to damage the teeth on the pulse disc assembly that run between opto-couplers mounted on the rear of the Pulse Bearing PCB. Before re-tightening the...
Sperry x-band motor gear, Standard speed unit 250VA.High-speed unit 370VA.This motor is a 3-phase electronically commutated DC motor. The motor commutation drive signals are supplied by the Motor Drive PCB, which can...
The PCIO Board has three high speed serial input (38400 baud) and six low speed serial inputs (4800 baud). Communication to the processor is via an embedded USB hub (TSU). Video and data to the scan converter (SC)...
A serial data link is used to communicate between the Transceiver and the Console. If a separate Transceiver Unit is used, an RF feeder coaxial for S band wave guide is used to transfer the microwave energy between...
Refurbished radar products sourced for your maritime needs.
All equipment undergo rigorous testing by our engineers.
All equipment are maintained, refurbished and fully tested to ensure the quality and reliability of the radar equipment.
We are confident in our products' robustness that we are the first in the world to offer 3 months' warranty on all our refurbished radar equipment.
We are certified for major brands such as Sperry Marine, Kelvin Hughes, JRC, Furuno, and many more.