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The KW950-E is programmed to output a single line of data at certain intervals. The data is printed on a tandard low cost printer, or to a PC for recording on disk.   
The FE-700 is a result of 50 years of Furuno’s vast range of experience and advanced microelectronics technology fields in developing echo sounders, sonars, and underwater application equipment and systems. This echo...
The SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS is based around a self-contained and sealed Inmarsat mini-C terminal, housing both antenna and transceiver. The rugged design coupled with the terminal’s 50-channel GPS module and...
6110 MINI-C
The SAILOR 6110 mini-C is a true next generation GMDSS solution. As part of the innovative SAILOR 6000 Series, the SAILOR 6110 mini-C is an integral part of a vessel’s communication system. The mini-C system features...
The S5100 features three fully independent channels able to deliver high-resolution CHIRP sonar coverage across multiple depth ranges. Mix and match up to three transducers to provide the perfect coverage for any...
Sailor 6018
The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal is designed to enhance the efficiency of safety communication as the defining component in a SAILOR 6000 GMDSS installation, as Inmarsat mini-C or as a radiotelex terminal. Regardless...
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LAZ 5100 is the latest navigation echo sounder of L-3 ELAC Nautik, available as single- or dual-frequency unit. Transducers with frequencies from 24 kHz to 200 kHz can be connected, the maximum measuring range is 2...