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Sperry Marine Navigat X Mk1 Gyro

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074807 REV C
Sperry Marine
The first digital marine gyrocompass of its type to be designed as a single unit and of unparalleled compactness in a polyurethane hard foam housing, the NAVIGAT X MK 1 digital gyrocompass has a low weight. This allows the gyrocompass to be installed on any bridge, from large yachts to most merchant marine vessels. Ship’s cables are connected directly to the terminals within the gyrocompass housing, facilitating installation.The unique method of supporting the now enhanced well-proven C. Plath gyrosphere by means of mere buoyancy ensures north stabilization during short power failures. For example, after a three minute gyrocompass power failure, no more that two degrees of deviation may be expected. Once power has been restored, the gyrocompass will return quickly to the correct heading without requiring the usual settling period. The combined effect of the twin rotors and the liquid damping system prevent latitude error. For operation in extremely heavy seas where highly accurate heading information is absolutely essential, the NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod 7 marine gyrocompass, equipped with a special gyrosphere container, is recommended. Here, the unique centering pin retaining arrangement for the gyrosphere is mounted in an additional gimbal system, which allows the NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod 7 marine gyrocompass an almost unlimited freedom of roll and pitch (±90°).
Product Details
074807 REV C
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